Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fort Collins

So every Sunday the Team has been traveling to far-off Colorado locales to film for the new video. I've been really busy with school and work, so I haven't got on any of the trips. But this past Sunday, I met up with the guys in Fort Collins to skate.

I met up with them eating calzones in a parking lot.
Then we checked out this bump to bar, which had a bike locked up to it. Nothing a little manipulation can't fix.
Tyler takes flight!
Whitney being in agony.
The dude who owned that bike showed up. He was super confused and didn't say anything. He just unlocked his bike, put his front wheel back on, and left. Pretty awkward.
Tyler got two tricks here.
Shardy got his photo on.
Whitney was being a little baby about his foot or heel or something.
Then I noticed that we both have white feet! Which isn't weird for me, because I'm Irish, but it's a little weird for Whit.
Then he showed me the "mini-van". I won't explain it on here.
And then he showed me his new apps...
featuring random sex facts.

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