Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday With Tony

Yes, I copy paste all my blog posts that include skating from my blog onto this blog. I've tried to recaption and make it seem different, but I can't. Sorry for reusing blog posts, but this is the best I can do.

So this past Wednesday I decided that instead of forcing myself to do homework after school (like I usually do), I would go skateboard and enjoy myself. Here's what unfolded.

Met up with Tony at the bridge wallride. He actually showed up before me, which is weird because he's always late and I'm always early.
Here's my angle of Tony blogging me.
Packing up.
I stole Tony's spot at The Shop! What a dork.
These handsome devils were there.
And then this insane clown posse showed up.
Joey was too cool to look at me for a photo, so I headed to Denver Park.
Another awesome night at Denver Park. Look at how flexible Chad is. Probably the most flexible Rep in the Rockies.

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