Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well it's been long over due, Tony told me yesterday I was blowing it on these blog updates, so here you have it. This Halloween weekend was success for the most part here are some photos I took and a few I hijacked from Facebook..

Owen and Mr. Wells..

Owen had to get back into character.

With a little team work the infamous Jeremiah (not Jur) was photographed.

Now for the public humiliation..

Jazz and I ready to party

Taylor getting down on some 4 Loko, it's her new favorite!

Chyllin with the homiez

Brando flicked me off

I poked the seatbelt button and made Kahlil lose his messenger bag pack

Brando lurking hard just before our forced departure from whoever's house this was. Maybe soon we'll have some content on here related to skateboarding but this is all for now.


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