Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blowing it

We've been blowing it with updates, I apologize. My excuse, which is invalid to Tony, is finals and getting ready for the end of the semester.. The real excuse is pretty much that we're just blowing it! Anyways the other day was cool, I photographed a squirrel.

Then I went to the shop and purchased Mason Trujillo's first pro-model deck, he was #18 on our soccer team in 2nd grade, the Westminster Sharks..

Then David and I met up to skateboard together.

We went to Vitamin Cottage to "Get all healthy and shit."

Then Denver Park, which I didn't photograph because I was too excited, and wanted to skate more than I wanted to blog. After da park we went to Chipotle off of Alameda and Logan, which is the new craze because they have vegetarian "meat." I'm not a vegetarian, but it still tastes good. They also have a really gnarly hand drier in the bathroom, I made everyone go test it out.

To end the night we got down on some board games..


Joey thought he was supposed to draw a Creative Cat, but he wasn't, so he made him grind this double kinked rail.

Whelp, see ya later.

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