Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long Overdue

I've been meaning to do an update for quite some time, problem was I wasn't able to upload it from my phone and I didn't have the motivation to sit down and transfer everything from my phone to my laptop to do an update. Well, here I am all motivated and stuff..

Josh and I have a class together and we make our own fun, typically we tally long boarders and Juggalo's on campus and on this particular day we found a loyal Hatchet Warrior in our very own class room..

My cat agrees, also you know you would if you could.

On another note, the weather has been mighty fine ever since that snow melted and we've been skating a good amount, here's a snapshot of a few home gurls.

Mr. Justin Shardy demonstrates his flat rail abilities while I demonstrate my flat rail disabilities in this iPhone filmed game of SKATE, filming courtesy of Mr. Whitney Wells..
He only filmed four of the five tricks but I can assure you the 5th trick executed by Justin would have blown your mind and it's probably in your best interest that it wasn't captured. With that being said, enjoy..

Trails Park is tough and I ended up here today, Aurora you may have won this time.

I realized immediately after I rolled my ankle that I had forgotten to do my calf stretches. I guess I'll never learn.

In honor of Mr. Boyt..

Go skate for me before Spring gets all wet!

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