Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back Scratch

Not a very comprehensive blog post, but here are a few more iPhone photos from the last 24 hours

Last night we went to Kata to shop and dork around, I ended up getting my haircut!

And then we took a Tuk Tuk back near the hotel,
sorry the photos are kind of blurry..
Down the street from the hotel there is a Banana Pancake stand, these things are amazing. They take a little dough ball, slice up a banana, and then cook the banana slices in the pancake and we topped it off with Nutella.
She caught me trying to sneak a photo. After our pancakes we called it a night because we had one last tour early this morning. Stephanie is working on a montage with footage from our snorkeling trip, and I'm trying to not think about how itchy my back is.

Sea lice are pretty much baby jelly fish, and little did I know they were real psyched on my back, so we had to go to the first aid clinic at the hotel and get an anti-itch cream.. Party on!

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